frighteningly quiet


stunningly effective


New: the S8-50

A triple breaktrough
in radar technology
A triple breakthrough in radar technology


Intelligence 2.0
Artificial Intelligence 2.0

A Stinger-only

A revolution in false alert filtering

Virtually eliminating BSM alerts

Virtually eliminating annoying BSM alerts

The key consequence: silence


False alarm filtering, powered by
our humanly clever, ultra-fast,
artificial intelligence 2.0.
False alarm filtering, powered by our humanly clever,
ultra-fast, artificial intelligence 2.0.
A frighteningly quiet antenna.
Virtually no annoying BSM falsing.

A new class in

Artificial Intelligence

A new class in Artificial Intelligence

We have been using Artificial Intelligence in our speedtrap protection systems since before the term became popular. This allowed us to recognize and filter out unwanted signals that otherwise could have been mistaken for true police radar. However, when designing the S8-50 antenna, we took our A.I. to a whole new level.

We think you will see this innovation as a revolution in false alert filtering. Stinger Artificial Intelligence generation 2 is clever in a human way, but as fast as a serious computer. It lets your Stinger precision profile microwaves by tracking previously unrecognizable details and even zooming in on minute, but often important, details such as ‘phase noise’.

And why is this important? Because it gives you our quietest antenna ever. Your new Stinger’s A.I. powered filtering analyzes the spectrum thousands of times per second. It now knows how to recognize and eliminate virtually all radar signals emitted by your own car and the traffic around you. This includes micro waves from blind spot monitoring (BSM), adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance systems. Quietness ensues.


Parallel Scanning

A Stinger-only

Rejecting falses while revealing threats

True simultaneous tracking of signals

Rejecting falses & instantly revealing real threats

Real-time, simultaneous tracking of radar signals

A monster with a thousand eyes


Record breaking scanning speed.
Computer power with
six independent processor cores.
Computer power with six independent processor cores.
True real-time, simultaneous
- not sequential - tracking
of multiple radar threats.
True real-time, simultaneous - not sequential -
tracking of multiple radar threats.

A monster with

a thousand eyes

A monster with a thousand eyes

After chess grandmaster Tony Miles lost his 1986 match against Garry Kasparov by a 5.5 against 0.5 landslide, he called his opponent “a monster with a thousand eyes who sees all”. Due to its Parallel Scanning technology, our new radar antenna is much like that. Good thing your Stinger plays for you, not against you.

When on the road, there are often multiple radar signals hitting your car. Regular radar antennas must attempt to monitor such situations by looking at the signals sequentially: first one, then quickly on to the next. This can leave you vulnerable when police radar is ‘hiding’ in an a flurry of other signals. Not so with your Stinger: our Parallel Scanning zooms in on and assesses multiple signals at the same time.

So rather than focussing on a single signal at a time, Parallel Scanning zooms in on and assesses multiple signals concurrently. Like a monster with a thousand eyes, it will continuously track and suppress harmless radar, like those coming from cars around you. Yet, it can instantly recognize and alert to real threats fired at you by hostile police radars.

How we pulled it off.

How we pulled off Parallel Scanning.

We have always custom designed our systems with one goal in mind: to make the best product we possibly can. This includes dreaming up the most clever designs, done full justice by use of the most advanced components.

Our custom engineered systems are powered by modern, high-end processors, now propelled by a total of six independent processor cores. All this power is channeled to provide record breaking scan speeds and enable distributed signal analysis. Now your Stinger doesn't just see massive amounts of spectrum details, it can monitor and act on it in real time as well. Count on highly accurate, more reliable, and even faster threat recognition.



A Stinger-only

Cracking the polarization problem

Optimal sensitivity, always

Don't get caught

Don't get caught by differently polarized radar


The industry's first
omni-polar antenna.
The industry's first omni-polar antenna.
Peace of mind, whatever type
of radar you may encounter.
Peace of mind, whatever type of radar you may encounter.

Cracking the

polarization problem

Cracking the polarization problem

Radar waves move with a certain orientation, known as ‘polarization’. For maximum sensitivity, a radar detector needs to have the same polarization as the police radar. Correspondingly, in case a detector has the opposite polarization of the police radar, it will have minimum sensitivity. Traditionally, most police radars in the USA have been vertically polarized. And since most detectors are produced for the US, it will not surprise you that they – even the ones sold in other countries – have likewise been designed with vertically polarized antennas.


Vertically polarized radar

Drivers getting caught

In recent years, traffic cops around the world - including North America - started using modern types of radar, such as the infamous RedFlex, with horizontal polarization. The result: more and more radar detector users have been getting caught off guard. With a detector that is just vertically polarized, strongly reduced warning ranges can leave you vulnerable.


Horizontally polarized radar

The only real solution

We are thrilled to say that we have now cracked this polarization problem. And not in a small way, with something like dual-polarity, but in a big way: with omni-polarity. For starters, with our S8-50 omni-polarity antenna you no longer need to worry whether you are driving in an area with conventional vertical radars, or with modern, horizontal radars, lurking. The new antenna is optimized for both police radar polarities.

But the omni-polarity advantage goes much deeper… Timely detection of police radar can rely on picking up radar waves that get reflected off of objects in the area - such as traffic signs, guard rails, and surrounding traffic. Such a reflection often alters the original polarization into one that’s no longer purely vertical or horizontal, but something in between. Therefore you might like knowing that S8-50 has no problems with these kind of signals either: it has amazing sensitivity to vertical and horizontal signals, as well as any radar polarization in between.

In the past, detector manufacturers have made several attempts to solve this polarization issue, resulting in bulky dual-polarity antennas, or even two separate single polarity antennas. None of those attempts do for you what the S8-50 with omni-polarity does: offer maximized sensitivity even when faced with polarizations that are in between vertical and horizontal.

We do know that next to vertically and horizontally polarized radars, there are also circularly polarized radars (in clockwise and counter-clockwise flavors, no less). These too, we pick up equally well, but for the purpose of explaining omni-polarity we have skipped going into a detailed explanation of it.




Leading radar protection

Most consistent radar protection

Incredible accuracy

Phase noise pattern recognition

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